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Reusable cup with lid

No more littering with disposable cups or reusable cups that constantly leak, develop an unpleasant odor or generally break quickly? Then our reusable cup with matching lid is just right for you!


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Technical data

Diameter: 85 mm (soon available in 90 mm)
Capacity: approx. 380 ml
Height: 138 mm
Weight: 88 g
Material: ECOZEN110G
Stackable: Yes

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No more spilling over. Protects the world from your drink and your drink from the world.

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Virtually unbreakable and suitable for the dishwasher and microwave. A reusable cup that also lasts long enough to be more sustainable than disposable cups in the first place.

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Hot and cold

Suitable for drinks of any kind, hot or cold. For hot drinks, the side grooves protect fingers from the heat.

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No aftertaste. Free from harmful substances such as BPA. Simply enjoy as from the mug.

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