CUPEX GmbH was founded in 2021 and was born out of dissatisfaction with impractical beverage lids and unsustainable cups that had been felt for some time.

Why are disposable lids never closable? Why is the drinking opening on almost all lids always so small? Why do most sealable lids fail to deliver on their promises and always leak? Why are disposable lids not affected by the EU's ban on single-use plastic?

These and many other questions have led to the fact that we did not want to accept the status quo any longer. This is how the products presented on this page came into being.

We're a small team spread over different parts of Germany and together aim to make sustainable and practical lids the new status quo.


Reusable Lids
We chose polypropylene for our reusable lids. Yes, this is a classic fossil oil-based plastic. We did this because polypropylene offers us three important properties: It's tough enough to give the reusable lid a long life. It's soft enough to provide the lid with the flexibility it needs to grip well on cups. It is one of the most widely used plastics, and its recyclability (actually downgrading) is high. So at the end of its life, the lid can go into the yellow garbage can and find a new life in a new form.

Disposable lid
Wait, disposable? Yes! Disposable lids will remain relevant for quite a while, whether we like it or not. In this respect, making the disposable market as sustainable as possible makes sense. We are focusing on natural fiber material here. We haven't entirely decided yet which material will be the final one. However, we must avoid choosing a coating that would make the lid unrecyclable (as is currently the problem with most paper cups). Here we are in the final stages of development, and there will be more information as soon as the lid is ready.

Delivery routes
We produce in Saxony and therefore keep the delivery routes short. We will give more information about the delivery routes of our materials as soon as we have chosen fixed suppliers. However, we also pay attention to the delivery routes here.


We produce in Saxony, Germany. Our injection molds were also made here. We work closely with some universities and research institutes in the area. Our innovative products and manufacturing processes are publicly funded. Lack of quality in lids on the market was what initially drove us to develop our products. There is no compromise here for us.


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